Kids Karate Program

The kids karate curriculum teaches and refines karate skills for proper use in self-defense at an age appropriate level. Situation avoidance and conflict resolution are emphasized with escape techniques to get out of dangerous encounters.

I have two kids who are both high energy children. That means that they need physical activity to maintain a healthy state of mind. As kids they don’t recognize how much better they feel after training, but I can tell the difference. They are more focused and have a much more positive attitude about life. It’s like getting into karate, or kickboxing, or jiu-jitsu has helped them find their center. It also makes me feel good as a parent watching them make friends in class. They have such a hard time finding other kids that they can really connect with but the community that forms around martial arts means they meet other dedicated, and hard-working kids who share their passion. Their best friends have come from martial arts.