About Us

As a teaching team, Kristin and Geoff Nelson trained together as a couple from the beginning and maintain that unique dynamic as they co-teach each class. Incorporating proven concepts from a variety of martial arts, the Nelsons constantly seek to improve not only the self-defense techniques of their program but the entire curriculum of Karate they teach. Kristin and Geoff are committed to providing a fun family martial arts experience by ensuring that family means more at Living Sword Karate than simply teaching classes.

Starting as a Family

Kristin and Geoff got started in Karate together as a fun way to get in shape and learn some practical self-defense along the way. Quickly adding kickboxing and muay thai to their regular training, martial arts became an integral part of their marriage. Both could develop their skills independently while working toward the same goal, at the same time. The non-competitive atmosphere of the Karate classes was a huge factor in the development of their shared passion for the martial arts.

Influences from Training

In preparation for their Black Belts, both Kristin and Geoff also trained in Brazilian JuJitsu and the Korean art of Hapkido. The strategic thinking required in JuJitsu was quite different from the rigid mindset of traditional Karate and made the Nelsons look at their Martial Arts training in a completely different way. The more fluid system of self-defense offered through Hapkido challenged the linear style of engagement in Karate and was a major factor in how they approached self-defense in the future. In the end, both martial arts would influence they way both Kristin and Geoff developed the Karate curriculum taught at Living Sword.

Forming Living Sword Karate

Incorporating concepts from many different styles of martial arts and self-defense, the Nelsons developed the Living Sword Karate curriculum. In the end, they maintained the traditional elements of Karate while teaching a practical set of personal safety, and self-defense skills. Their goal was to ensure that students would not just learn how to defend themselves when a situation turns violent, but how to respond effectively before the violence erupts. Living Sword Karate was born in 2006 from this practical approach to martial arts and to self-defense.

Coming Back to Family

Most importantly, Kristin and Geoff wanted to develop a family friendly atmosphere in more than just words or class schedules. After all, their son studies karate in the Karate Kubs Pre-K and Kindergarten program and their daughter will start once she’s old enough. Taking a personal interest in each of their students and welcoming each one into their family, Living Sword Karate has become a warm and welcoming family of martial artists.

Be a Part of Our Family!

Kristin and Geoff would love to welcome you to Living Sword Karate and help you see how you can benefit from training in Karate. Everyone is encouraged to try our classes for free before making a commitment.

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Two Locations

Covenant United Methodist Church
8350 Walnut Grove Rd
Cordova, TN 38018


Advent Presbyterian Church
1879 N Germantown Pkwy
Cordova, TN 38016