Pre-K and Kindergarten Karate

The Karate Kubs! program is designed for boys and girls ages 3 ½ to 6 (Preschool and Kindergarten) and uses the appeal of Karate to teach young children how to interact in a group experience.

Fitness through fun karate activities

Tigers (Pre-K) and Lions (Kindergarten) learn about fitness and basic karate technique through a playful, game-like experience. The exciting drills and games will reinforce proper karate skills. KarateKubs also learn exercises to strengthen and stretch safely.

A positive model for martial arts application

Often young children tend to mimic the martial arts fighting scenarios they see on TV and in the movies. KarateKubs! teaches children to respect boundaries by appreciating their own strength, and to be careful about how and when they use their karate skills.

Practical safety and self-defense

Young children need different strategies for self-defense and it all starts with safety skills. They learn things like how to protect themselves when they fall, how to call for help, how to escape a scary situation and so much more. KarateKubs! teaches monthly safety skills such as anti-bullying, traffic smarts, weather wise, and fire safety.

And, When They’re Ready…

The KarateKubs Program will also prepare your child for our Children’s Martial Arts Program. In the KarateKubs! classes, your child will be exposed to positive social interaction. They will also learn how to work with others and following directions from instructors. Our KarateKubs! Instructors are good role models, who are trained specifically to work with preschool-age children.


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Two Locations

Covenant United Methodist Church
8350 Walnut Grove Rd
Cordova, TN 38018


Advent Presbyterian Church
1879 N Germantown Pkwy
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