Kids Karate

The kids karate curriculum teaches and refines karate skills for proper use in self-defense at an age appropriate level. Situation avoidance and conflict resolution are emphasized with escape techniques to get out of dangerous encounters.

Each class is taught by a certified, adult, black belt instructor who makes class fun and exciting while providing an excellent fitness and self-defense workout.

Fun Fitness for Kids

Karate is a great way to establish a healthy, fitness focused life. The high energy classes make getting in shape lots of fun so kids don’t realize they are working out. The martial arts drills taught in class help build strength and endurance and, best of all, they are progressive so beginners don’t have be to athletes to get started. Once kids are hooked on Karate they will be on the path to a lifetime of healthy choices.

Discipline for Life

Real discipline comes from self-confidence. As kids learn to set goals and work hard to achieve them in karate class they develop a sense of mastery in their own world. This means they can approach new tasks at school and at home with the focus and discipline needed to succeed.


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Two Locations

Covenant United Methodist Church
8350 Walnut Grove Rd
Cordova, TN 38018


Advent Presbyterian Church
1879 N Germantown Pkwy
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