We know this is a hard time for some of you. Being separated from friends and family is stressful and you may even be directly dealing with the virus. You may also be struggling to make ends meet with a reduction in your hours, a furlough from you job, or even the loss of our job.

We understand how difficult this is right now so as the first of the month approaches and you would normally be paying your membership dues we want you to know we are here for you. While we do ask you continue paying your dues if you are able, we also know that it simply may not be possible. If you need to suspend your dues payment or pay a reduced amount, please let us know.

We will continue to produce video lessons and host live sessions regardless of who pays dues and who does not and you are still welcome to participate.

If you would like to continue supporting Living Sword you can send a PayPal payment to kristin @ livingswordmartialarts . com or contact Kristin directly with any questions or to set up a recurring payment plan. (if you copy the above email address, be sure to remove the spaces we added to avoid spambots)